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  2. Thank you for producing this excellent account of what is being done to our country by those who claim to follow the Lord Jesus. I will always believe those who walk the walk before those who talk the talk.

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  4. I will admit that at best, I would be considered an agnostic, but this video is truly an eye opener to me and to those who listen and follow these supposed ‘men of God’. They are tricksters that need to be exposed. I’ll be certain to do my part and spread this across the web.

  5. heard about this on radio or not;turn up the night w/kenny pick last thu.brilliant!!!now i have to see the whole of this!!PUH-LEEEEEEEEEEESE say there’s more!!thanks,sooooooo much!!this is spot-on!genius!call colbert!!ok.peace & respect.

    the rev.

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